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Çınar Radiator Cleaning Machine

Çınar Radiator Cleaning Machine

Çınar Radiator Cleaning Machine has multiple quality certificates. It can also work in harmony with all vehicle models. This product can clean the main Radiator without having to clean it on the vehicle. It provides fuel savings of up to 10% and provides rapid heating of the vehicle in winter. It provides cleaning of CNG, LPG and Oil Cooling Regulators. This cleaning machine has 1 year warranty by Dpfmac company. There is also a 12 Lt water tank and a process selection menu.

Çınar Radiator Cleaning Machine

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What is a particle cleaning machine and why is it needed? (Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Machine)

The diesel particulate filter (DPF) is designed to reduce exhaust emissions, particulates such as hydrocarbons (Hc), carbon monoxide (Co) and meet emission regulation (Euro 5 – Euro 6).

It consists of a pre-catalytic converter (Precat) and a catalytic converter (main diesel oxidation catalyst + coated diesel particulate filter)

Diesel Particle Filter

The DPF collects particles from engine exhaust gases to minimize soot being thrown into the air. Soot particles build up inside the coated diesel particulate filter and burn at regular intervals to prevent the filter from clogging.

The inability of the DPF to clean itself as a result of using a short distance vehicle renders the regeneration process useless due to the full filling of the DPF due to excessive amounts of oil, particles, poor quality fuel.

(Regeneration: It is the process of regularly burning the soot in the diesel particle filter.)

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